Hitman’s release structure changed, now fully episodic

Releasing monthly, supposedly

“What exactly is the new Hitman going to be?” That’s a question that has been on players’ minds for a long time now. Looking in from the outside, the development process has been confusing and unclear. Judging by the waffling of Square Enix, it’s the exact same behind the scenes, too.

Square Enix has just announced that Hitman has turned into a fully episodic game. Now, Hitman‘s first part (a prologue and Paris levels) will release on March 11 for $15. After that, new content will come out once per month at the price of $10 each. However, people can pay $60 up-front for all of it, sort of a season pass if you will.

It’s not apparent how many installments Hitman will be made up of. Right now, the developer has scheduled the intro, as well as missions in Italy, Morocco, Thailand, the United States, and Japan. However, it’s unknown if those are all separate packs. For those content to just wait, Square Enix plans to put out a physical disc-based edition of the game later in 2016 after all the parts have released individually.

Hitman Now A Fully Episodic AAA Game [Square Enix]

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