Hitman’s holiday mission stars the Home Alone bandits

Bless you, Hitman

IO Interactive is giving us a compelling reason to revisit Hitman‘s Paris fashion show level today with a Christmas makeover and the Holiday Hoarders mission. Peter gave us the rundown already, but there is one specific note to bring up. Those two thieving targets? They’re named Harry and Marv.

Oh my god. It’s goofy stuff like this that makes me love Hitman. I missed it on my first pass through, but the studio’s original blog post included a reference to “sticky bandits.” It was right there all along!

I almost don’t want to go up against the Home Alone burglars, if I’m being honest. Part of that is because I feel bad for them given all of the physical and emotional pain they’ve endured over the years. They deserve a win. But, also, I’m afraid they’re indestructible. Just let ’em keep the presents.

[Via Polygon]

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