Hitman the movie the trailer; originality is the new pink

Hitman, the game, explicitly promotes murder as a means to one’s own ends, and as such likely drives parent’s groups, Jack Thompson and anyone else inclined to affix scarlet typeface to the misfits of society into the sort of frothy holier-than-thou rage generally reserved for Spaniards with an Inquisitionary bent. So, of course, a movie aimed squarely at the same post-teens who get an erection for quoting Latin scripture and gratuitous gunplay, was inevitable.

Above, you can catch a glimpse of the trailer for the film, and I have to say, everything I obtusely mentioned in my first paragraph was entirely justified. With a Boondock-Saints-as-written-by-Alan-Moore feel, the film will no doubt excite the dopamine receptors of American youth yearning for a complicated, dark murderer to sweep them off their feet like so many members of the royal lineage of Charming. Of course, whether or not that translates into actual box office success remains to be seen, but according to this calendar, it’s no longer the 1980s, and America may not be as easily charmed into cheering for an assassin with a large enough cache of weapons to choke Charles Bronson as it once was.

Earnest Cavalli
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