Hitman retail release not coming until January 2017

After the year-long ‘season’ of DLC

The new Hitman is out and it’s good. Or, the first part of the new Hitman — the “Intro Pack” — is out. I’ll explain.

Right now, $15 gets you two prologue/tutorial missions and one giant mission in Paris. Conversely, you can pay the full $60 ahead of time. You’ll only have access to the aforementioned for now, but will get every new location as they release throughout the year. That’s, “Sapienza [fake Italy] in April and Marrakesh in May before traveling to Thailand, United States and concluding in Japan” for seven episodes in total.

If you go the $15 route, each new location costs $10; or, you can start with the $15 route, enjoy it, and still go all in with a $50 “Upgrade Pack” which bumps you up to the “Full Experience” (and if you’re paying attention, you’ll note that for your hesitation/lack of faith, you’ll have paid an extra $5).


There will be a complete, collected, physical disc-release of Hitman in January of 2017.

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