Hitman 3 has a first-person mode for PlayStation VR

Including the ‘entire’ trilogy

How do you feel about getting up close and personal in Hitman?

As announced on the State of Play stream, next year’s Hitman 3 will have a first-person VR mode at launch. In fact, you’ll be able to “play the entire world of assassination trilogy in VR.” Wait, what?

IO Interactive reminded us that players – VR or otherwise – can import locations from Hitman and Hitman 2 into Hitman 3, “essentially putting all 20+ locations from the entire trilogy in one place.”

“We’re working to finalize the specifics for how PSVR owners can enjoy Hitman in VR, and we’ll have more details to share in the months ahead,” the studio said in a PlayStation Blog post.

I’m a little worried about this mode on a technical level – PSVR is showing its age – but I love the idea. A frying pan can be used to deflect bullets, Superhot style, and that’s just music to my ears.

Jordan Devore
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