Hirai: PSPgo had an audience, honest!

The PSPgo has been written off by most people as a failure. That would include the game industry itself, since we only ever get PSP-3000 bundles/special editions and the PlayStation Network is woefully undersupported when it comes to PSP games. Still, despite even Sony itself trying to forget the PSPgo, Kaz Hirai insists it had an audience.

“I think we did cater for a market, albeit not as big as the traditional PSP-3000 market,” says the Sony Computer Entertainment boss. “It is the first time we have done that with any of our devices, and we did get a lot of feedback, both good and bad. I think we need to make sure we have as many titles available to download as possible, to make the experience as easy as possible.”

I totally agree that the PSPgo did have an audience — an audience that Sony promptly abandoned and alienated, and now currently owns a bunch of $250 shitpieces that were obsolete before release since the PSP-3000 was a billion times better. It’s a totally screwed-over and burned audience, but it’s an audience nonetheless.

Also, it’s hilarious that even Sony is starting to talk about the PSPgo in the past tense, despite it being the latest SKU released. What a success story!

Interview: Kaz Hirai [MCV via 1UP]

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