Hip Tanaka to play at Blip Fest Tokyo

You know Hip Tanaka, right? He’s Nintendo’s other musical badass. He’s responsible for the music from Metroid, Earthbound, and so much more. I love his Super Mario Land score. Anyway, he’s a major player, right?

He makes a perfect guest for the Tokyo installment of Blip Fest, the now international chip tune concert. Set to go down on September 4th and 5th at Koenji High in Tokyo, you can also expect to see YMCK (awesome!), Bit Shifter, Hally go up on stage. Hip Tanaka is considered a special guest performer. Not all of the performers have been announced yet, so you’ll want to check back at the official webpage, where they’ll also post ticket information soon.

Blip Fest Tokyo Announced: Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka As Honored Guest Performer! [OSV]

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