Highlights from the Destructoid Community for 10/19/08

This week’s gaming setup belongs to SilverDragon1979. SilverDragon lists off everything in his entertainment center and shows off his 400 plus DVD collection. Check out the rest of his setup on his C Blog.

A ton of NARPs are happening soon, Rio shows off some new crafts, Suff0Cat invades WWE again, xe-cute made a Mr. Destructoid Sackboy, Japanator needs some new writers, some videos from SingSterling made it on YouTube, and plenty more happened within the Community this past week.

Happy birthdays to:


It all makes sense now. Mr Sadistic is Niero! ZOMG!

Edco showed off his friend’s custom build arcade cabinet. It’s taken over six months for the cabinet to be made and looks fantastic. The cabinet houses a modded PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC, full stereo sound and even LED backlit buttons! All of the artwork on the unit was done by Edco. Check out the full thing on his C blog.

Comments wars are hilarious sometimes.

Team DtoidNewYork went and visited Silent Hill. The place looks creepy as hell and it looks like Gordon Freeman came through once too.

Altered Beets is a really good juggler.

Rio has been a very busy girl lately. Her Etsy store is stocked with a ton of new merch including new hats and keychains.

manasteel88 continues to bring the awesome with his RetroforceGO! videos. Check out episode 34 TurboGrafx16 and episode 63 Neo Geo.

Chad Concelmo has some questions he needs answered. In return, he posted a sexy picture of himself.

The DtoidBaltimoreDC NARP is happening November 14 through the 16. The group will be seeing a screening of My Name is Bruce and there are a few people even flying in for this. Too bad whatever Nick Chester was planning for the 16th is now ruined. OR IS IT?!

brainderailment showed off a preview of his wife’s Sackboy Kratos project. So awesome.

Easily the biggest thing to come out from the community this past week was craineum’s Halloween costume set. The Captain N theme is great and easily the biggest piece of awesome is the Mega Man costume. A lot of work went into that piece especially and I’m glad to see it get the attention it has been getting across the Internets and beyond.

Ron has a lot to say about the whole Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360 thing.

Suff0Cat invaded WWE once again! He took even more signs this time and had a great set as the camera was on him a lot. One of his signs even got confiscated!

free touch had a copy of Madden 2002 that he wasn’t using anymore so he took it apart and stuffed a flash drive inside of it. The results are actually pretty cool.

Got an issue or suggestion for the site? We love feedback so let us know.

mgmgarcia01 has the best tattoo artist ever. The Street Fighter portion of the tattoo project is over, now it’s time for some Link love.

xe-cute made a Mr. Destructoid Sackboy in LittleBigPlanet. We’re invading every game one pixel at a time.

Dtoid Ontario group assemble!

Here’s something to make everyone on the DtoidLosAngeles group lives easier. If you’re in L.A., hit up DtoidLA.

Dyson Mega Man Energy Drink Get YATTA!

Japanator needs some new writers. Are you up to the challenge? We’ll pay you in hentai*.

nintendoll posted up some more pictures from the great DtoidNY Silent Hill adventure. Superflossy never closes her mouth.

Gibbo went a concert and brought along his homemade Destructoid helmet to the show. Way to represent, yo.

DtoidUK will be having a NARP during Halloween. Hit up bunnyrabbit for info on the NARP.

Geoff Mendicino shows off the second episode to his new Internet series.

DtoidAustralia will be having a Rock Band party November 15th. Yes, the first Rock Band since they’re finally getting the game.

Destructoid has seen a few improvements and new features pop up this past week. Niero highlighted all the changes and hopefully people will be having fewer issues now. Let us know if you see anything break!

Highlights end this week with Jim Sterling’s 12 hours of SingStar recapage. Some of you made a few blogs highlighting the special moments and captured some video of the singing too.


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