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BALTIMORE NARP! 2.0 Now with more Bruce. November 14-16

UPDATE!!! Bruce Campbell will actually be at the My Name is Bruce screening. He's going to introduce the movie and do a Q&A session afterwards. WOOOOO!!! :)

See how awesome that video is? Well now imagine it with Bruce Campbell. On November 14-16th that dream will come true.

Basically the plan is to meet up Friday and go see a screening of My Name is Bruce in Baltimore. Afterwards people who aren't from Baltimore come back to Hito's place and crash. (If you are local, and want to come and see Adam rack up complaints on Hito's Gamertag, you are more than welcome.) Then we all get together at Hito's place on Saturday and Narp it up through Sunday.

Please PM Hitogoroshi with your e-mail if you plan on coming so he can add you to the e-mail thread. DO NOT PM DTOIDBALTIMOREDC!! Those PM's can't be viewed for some reason.

There are several people flying in. Baltimore is a Southwest hub so typically their flights are very cheap. Try and land around noon on Friday and leave around 5:30 PM on Sunday. This is to make things easier for the Hito shuttle :P. If those times absolutely don't work please PM Hitogoroshi and we'll figure something out.
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