Highlights from the Destructoid Community for 05/18/08

TimO42 wanted to join the site on the right foot, so as his first blog, he went ahead and showed off his setup. How amazing is his setup? Well, he has two homes filled with gaming stuff: some with him while he’s away at college, and the rest at his parents’ house. And even there, he has two rooms for his amazing collection. He has a bunch of rare stuff, an arcade cabinet he made himself, and a ton of other things. Tim, you’re going to fit in just fine. Hit up his blog for plenty more pictures.   

Wow, this week has been filled with win. This post is overloaded way more than usual: ceark showed off more of his art; The GHost is going overboard with all of the Destructoid cards he keeps making; Rorschach wrote a real tear-jerker; and so much more! As always, hit the jump to see the best of the best.  

Let’s start things off with the swag hauls. Yashoki and DaedHead8 both received their Destructoid Patches this past week. Colette has weird taste in stamps.

So that crazy British green-haired guy from the Podcastle decided to compare GTA IV on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The results were very not sexual, as you can tell from the above video.

Happy Birthday, Hoygeit! Hoygeit, you’re an awesome artist and I will love you foreverz for that art piece you made of me. Hope you had a good one! 

HarassmentPanda, as you may or may not know, loves the law. He also loves videogames, so he has taken both passions and combined them. Some issues with the ESA have been taking place recently, and HP felt it was time to teach gamers what the ESA is all about. 

ceark’s latest masterpiece involves the swag lover Rio McCarthy. Rio won a contest ceark was holding months ago, and ceark has finally given Rio her prize. This amazing piece is of Rio as an Anti-Shadow Robot prototype from the Persona games. 

LordRegulus is making a game! The game is going to be called Late Again and is inspired by the game Passage. You play as a guy who wakes up late for work and either has to take the safe route or an unknown dangerous route to work. Can’t wait to play it, Lord.  

Ascythopicism shares with us a very scary and crazy story. He got in a car accident that caused his car to flip upside down because some jackass didn’t check the road as he was backing out. Ascythopicism didn’t get too badly hurt, luckily, but his car is trashed. Oh, and a naked picture of his girlfriend is on the blog too. Hawt.  

The absolutely amazing and wonderful Colette Bennett has joined ScrewAttack’s Hard News. She’s on for a couple of minutes talking about the new WiiWare titles and looks so adorable.

LucBernard, the main man behind Eternity’s Child, gives us some updates on a few of the games he’s currently working on. It’s so awesome seeing some behind-the-scenes stuff like this.

MaxVest is very concerned for Dr. Boa and his upcoming game. So much so, that he has made a list of some helpful tips that Dr. Boa should use when designing his game. Some very useful tips, for sure.  

Happy Birthday to UnstoppableJuggernaut! You are a man of many colorful words and I always enjoy reading the craziness that you write on your blogs.   

DtoidChicago is live. If you live in the Chicago area, hit up DtoidChicago so you can get the inside info on parties and whatnot.  

Where most of us play videogames for the fun of it, some people, like Rorschach, play games to escape the realities of life. He wrote a very emotional piece about how videogames have helped him cope with losses in his life, and it is the best thing to come out of the blogs this past week. What about you? Why do you play games?

DtoidAustin has a upcoming party and all the details you need are on the DtoidAustin page. 

Of course, Austin’s party won’t be anywhere near as epic or crazy as DtoidCincinnati’s upcoming party.  

The GHost has decided to pick up the Destructoid Card game that atheistium started up back in the day. So far, he has made four “card packs.”

Booster Pack #1 containing: Mix, PsychoSoldier, Gemsi, PetiePal, and Aerox
Booster Pack #2 containing: Matthew Blake, GuitarAtomik, Kyle Gamgee, Surf314, Silverback55
Booster Pack #3 containing: Bloodylip, HarassmentPanda, Takeshi, Tazarthayoot, and Orcist
Secret Booster Pack #1 containing: The stars of RetroForceGO!

MATTFOO is showing off his Turning Point Gaming PC Rig that he won a couple of months back. It’s very fancy. It even came with coffee beans! The insides are very pretty too.

Rorschach believes that Judd Winick is my new favorite writer ever. I think he’s right … I’M A SHHHHARRK! 

Hey Dr. Boa, if you need any more help with your game, DynamicSheep has a few helpful tips.

ceark is a pretty cool guy. Eh, he makes art and can’t see color, whatever. But seriously, ceark is amazing. ceark has a unique way of making his art pieces, so he decided to share with us how he makes his art. A lot of times, he will make a 3D model of the piece he’s working on as a reference point before actually painting a piece. I was over at ceark’s house a couple of weeks ago and he showed me all of this firsthand. ceark even goes so far as making the 3D pieces animated, such as the shark. The shark will move around like a real shark in water AND there are saws inside the shark’s mouth that move!  

Hey lesbians, atheistium wants you to add her as a friend on XBL. She loves vags on her vag. 

Cheeburga is getting into the whole drawing business by drawing himself. Then Riser Glen goes crazy.  

Looks like a crazy NARP is going to take place during the same time as PAX for Europeans that can’t make it out. Sounds like it’s going to be amazing. 

Finally, we end things off with Teta drawing some Samit Sarkar

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