Highlights from the Destructoid Community 06/08/08

This week’s gaming setup belongs to HarassmentPanda. His collection includes various consoles, 300 DVDs, an imported Mother 3 designed GameBoy Micro and tons of other stuff. For all the pictures, just check out HarassmentPanda’s C Blog

Tons of highlights this week folks! Hit the jump to see a collection of every Cinci NARP blog, the last set of The GHost booster packs, the return of Desutoid, custom faceplates, and much more.  

So there has been an abnormally high amount of blogs made this past week. The Monthly Musing topic this month is a lot more accessible for everyone to participate in and there were the dozens and dozens of Cinci NARP blogs. Instead of the regular way of briefly giving a synopsis of each Cinci NARP blog, I’m just going to link out to every one that was made:

NARP Recap: Late Recap Is Late, Long Roadtrip Is Long coonskin05
Cinci NARP: Random Thoughts blehman
Cinci NARP: Random Thoughts 2 blehman
Cinci NARP – I ate a lot of wings. Like.. a ton. CosbyTron (with pictures)
Cinci NARP: My liver hurts edition SuitcoatAvenger
Cinci NARP Shout Outs!! Yeah, it’s another one. Get over it! GuitarAtomik
Some Cincinnati NARP pictures Pedro Blandino (with pictures)
Cinci NARP: wtf is Destructoid? bunnyXablaze (with pictures)
Another Picture-less Mega NARP Recap BritiniMartini
Cinci NARP is a “BLUE [email protected]!” swiftkaratechop
Paltry Cinci NARP Pictures Hoygeit
Epic Cinci NARP was EPIC DynamicSheep
Mega NARP was Mega, and also epic. Pangloss
Thanks Cincinnati Dtoid Boji
Cinci NARP FTW Anti Pro
NARP Cincy: Boom or Bust? (Poll) BeZen
I want to thank everyone who attended Cinci Mega-Narp Cheeburga
Cinci NARP Recap: I’m so f**king tired edition ZServ
Cincinnati Meet-up was awesome. Terance
Cincinnati Mega-NARP: THE MUSIC AgentMOO (with pictures)
BigPopa’s Weekend Review: Cinci Narp video BigPopaGamer (with videos)
Thanks for nobody dying of alcohol poisoning! Ninoog3
Another NARP appreciation post (before I sleep.) AngelsDontBurn
CINCI MEGA-NARP… Yep, another one. droobies (with pictures)
Cinci Mega-NARP: What you missed Samit Sarkar (with picture)
Dtoid Cinci NARP 08 Recap – Yes Another One! 😀 RioMcCarthy (with pictures and videos)
Thank You All For My First Destructoid Experience amtrak08 (with pictures)
Cinci NARP: Cincinitus Edition itemforty (with picture)
Dtoid Cincinatti NARP recap PetiePal (with pictures and videos)
The Whole I KILL PXLS Cinci NARP Show + Other stuff Guitar Atomik (with videos)

Also, big thanks to SwiftKarateChop for the awesome shout out video. Had no idea we had a YouTube superstar attend the party.

BahamutZero is a total dreamboat.

Destructoid Cards: Booster Pack #9: AbortoTheFetus, BigPopaGamer, Butmac, DVDDesign, Vexed Alex
Booster Pack #10: Nick Chester, Grim, Dexter345, Justice, Niero
Booster Pack #11: Kryptinite, Ron Workman, Fronz, Dale North, Mr. Sadistic
Booster Pack #12: Cheeburga, Charlie Suh, Buck Fitches, Cowzilla3, Dick McVengeance, Gameboi, Husky Hog, Johnathan Holmes, Qais Fulton, Unstoppable Juggernaut

king3vbo took it upon himself to create a Age of Conan Guild. If you’re playing Age of Conan and want to play with other Dtoiders, just hit up king3vbo.

Excremento came back from hiding and made a new drink. This drink is inspired by Bloodylip and it’s called the “I have a Hard-Dreamsicle”.

Teta draws some ConradZimmerman. 

While the Cinni NARP was taking place, Nintendoll and others had a little meet up in New York. They played a bunch of games and she and some others even competed on the Nintendo World Championship cart.  

So Chad Concelmo lost a bet in RetroForceGO! and now he has to wear a very ugly sweater. Brilliam doesn’t think the sweater sounds that ugly and in fact loves Chads sweater. In response, Brilliam has a picture of himself wearing a ugly sweater. 

Desutoid returns! Redzie created a new Desutoid helmet and rocked out at A-Kon with Dale North and the rest of the Japanator crew.  

freetouch is a master at the 360 faceplate arts. He created a new faceplate piece based on the Marvel Zombies for Snaileb. There’s even a cute little zombie snail on the faceplate.  

I’m a big fan of Web comics and Foe is looking to join the Web comic circle. There are only three comics so far in the Spoiler Alert series and so far it ain’t too shabby.

abortothefetus has taken it upon himself to figure out who’s going to San Diego Comic Con. If you’re planning on going, then drop a message in the blog.

Say hello to Destructoid’s newest editor. TheGoldenDonut has stepped up from news tipage and is now our PC editor, filling in a giant void we’ve had when it comes to PC gaming.

Failcast Episode 10 went up this past week and team fail invited me to be a part of the show. Listen to the show to hear about important things such as my arm hairs. 

RioMcCarthy, you’re pure awesome. Thanks for being a part of this family.  

free touch does it again. This time, he made a face plate for MechaMonkey.

Wiimbledon came and went this past weekend with Zen Albatross and power-glove both making an appearance.  

Here’s the list of May completed games done by Necros. Each month in the forums, we track the games you all have finished. Make Necros’ life a little harder by telling him what you’ve finished.

Suff0cat is now an Internet legend. He went to a WWE event and showed off his love for Destructoid. Rio, AngelsDontBurn and the Dolphometer all got some love too.

charliesuh has finally joined the “next-gen” revolution. A bunch of L.A. Dtoiders chipped in together and got charliesuh a brand new Xbox 360 as a birthday gift. 

Hamza Aziz