High on Life got a huge day one patch: here’s the notes, changes & updates

High on Life day one patch notes, changes & updates

It’s more than a gallon of Szechuan sauce

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High on Life is finally out, and although I had some issues with it, I fully expect folks to vibe with Justin Roiland’s newest adventure. They’ll be vibing even more once they apply the day one patch, which fixes myriad problems with the base version of the game, from lock-out glitches to visual bugs.

Straight from a tweet from the official account, we have a laundry list of fixes and optimizations, as well as content updates. Speaking from experience, the general crash and progress blocker fixes are welcome: though in my time with the game, a “checkpoint refresh” was enough to clear them all out. The “improved performance” across all platforms should easily help with some of the visual jank therein, as well as some immersion-breaking stuff like commercials playing early on the in-game living room TV.

A “general collision pass” sounds like a whopper of an update, because it is! It should assist with some general locomotion and gameplay frustrations, and I’m curious to test the “balance pass on all bosses and combat encounters.” The final boss also got another bullet point to drive home that combat was a focus in this day one patch.

It’s an extensive update, so make sure you apply it if you’re grabbing the game today on Game Pass, or at full price.

High on Life full day one patch notes

Fixes and Optimizations

    • General crash and progress blocker fixes including bad respawns in Douglas Mission and Jetpack tutorial
    • Improved PC performance across various hardware configurations
    • Improved performance across Xbox One, and Xbox Series platforms
    • Improved UI text and button readability
    • Localization fixes for incorrect/missing translations, subtitle timing, and overall readability
    • Fixed combat music playing at inappropriate times and music getting stuck during Krubis and Douglas missions
    • Fixed Blorto’s menu to display player’s warp crystal count accurately and adding a single-purchase limit to Warp Discs
    • Fixed commercials starting before the previous video completes
    • Fixed subtitles from remaining on screen after leaving the area or concluding conversations
    • Improved recommended default video quality settings detection on PC

Content Updates

    • General collision pass throughout to help prevent the player from getting stuck while venturing off the golden path on uneven terrain
    • General lookats, lipflap, and narrative animation polish pass on NPCs
    • General audio balancing and spatialization pass across SFX, Music, and Dialogue
    • General combat and balance passes on all Boss and Combat Encounters
    • Balance pass on the Skate Park Warp Base to earn more points per trick
    • Populated Highway Warp Base to now appear after completing the game
    • Improved visuals on projectiles for the Sweezy Bullet Rewind Mod
    • Improved visuals on Garmantuous attacks during final battle
    • Tuned slide bash to feel less floaty
    • Increased draw distance on environmental assets in Zephyr and Blim City
    • Improved player control over gun and enemy combat chatter within the settings menu
    • TV in the house will now continue to play videos after completing the game
    • Cleaned up dialogue pacing to feel more natural during various conversations
    • Enemies will despawn after their death animations fully complete on Xbox One
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