Hideki Kamiya takes to Twitter to address Bayonetta 3 Switch exclusivity

Licensing lessons in 280 characters

A lot of people are proper miffed at the exclusivity deal on the upcoming Bayonetta 3. The third run-around for the sultry witch will be released only on the Switch, with many fans complaining that the third game, much like its predecessor, won’t be grace non-Nintendo platforms.

Probably getting a little tired of being @’ed about this matter on a daily basis, series creator Hideki Kamiya decided to explain the history of the frenzied-action franchise and what has gotten Bayonetta to this point. On Twitter, the modern millennial classroom, Kamiya began his 15 tweet history lecture.

Kamiya’s notes on the matter can be read below but, essentially, Nintendo are hugely responsible for the series’ continued existence. Though Sega got the original Bayonetta off the ground, it was Nintendo that put the cash in for the game’s second and third sequel, with Bayonetta 2 facing cancellation after Sega had to pull their funding.

The straightest way of putting it, when you take out all the jive, is simply that Nintendo paid for the games to be made, and they want them on their consoles. It’s pretty straight-forward, and an unsurprising business decision. The Bayonetta franchise is very popular, and of course it sucks when a title you want isn’t on “your” format, but unfortunately that’s how the industry chooses to play the game sometimes.

Bayonetta 3 is currently in development for release on Nintendo Switch

Chris Moyse
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