Hey, that’s totally Gargos in this Killer Instinct Season 3 trailer

New season starts tomorrow

Tomorrow is Killer Instinct Season 3 day. To celebrate, I brought you this helpful launch trailer which recaps a lot of familiar ground at a quick pace and also throws down some notable dates.

As far as new characters, expect to find Kim Wu, Rash (Battletoads), Arbiter (Halo), and Tusk tomorrow morning. Then it’s going to be Mira in April, Gargos in May, somebody in June, and another addition in July. We already know that General RAAM (Gears of War) is on the docket, so presumably he’ll be out sooner than later. The video also covers other aspects of S3, like Shadow Lords and updated visuals.

Chris has the pricing breakdown over here. It varies depending on how much content you want.

In short, new players are looking at $60 on Xbox One or $50 on Windows 10 for everything across all three seasons (minus Killer Instinct Classic and KI2 Classic for the latter), while folks who just want the eight new fighters of Season 3 and don’t mind missing extra cosmetic items will only need to pay $20.

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