Hey PS3 Virtua Tennis: No online for you!

While I brought news earlier today that both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 would see Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p, Gamasutra confirmed through SEGA that the game won’t have any online play for the PS3. WTF?

In speaking with a Sega representative, the company confirmed that online support will be specific to the Xbox 360, while the PlayStation 3 version will include added support for the PS3 controller’s tilt functionality in lieu of being able to play online. Both versions, however, will include support for 1080p resolution.

“What we really wanted to do was focus on making each version unique,” commented a Sega representative, “and so with the Xbox Live features and the SIXAXIS tilt functionality, we think that each version will offer players an unique experience.”

Sony, please don’t make the PS3 another online disaster like the PS2. You have an awesome system, stop f*cking it up! 

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