Hey, nerd! Insane Ian’s ‘n3rds0ngs’ is game-reference heavy

Comedian and Destructoid community member, Insane Ian, has released his new CD n3rds0ngs. Why should you care? 

Not only is Ian totally and completely insane (hence the name), but he’s also a nerd. And nerds, as we know, love videogames. So n3rds0ngs is heavy on the games references, like the Resident Evil homage “Umbrella Chronicles,” a spoof of Rhianna’s pop track, “Umbrella.” Or “WOW Christmas!” and “Guitar Hero” — if you don’t get those references, you’re not nerdy enough to listen to the CD, so look elsewhere. 

The CD is available now on Ian’s Web site, and makes the perfect gift for that special nerd in your life. Or for yourself. Nerd.

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