Here’s what you thought of every major 2017 E3 press conference – Nintendo ‘wins’ big, it’s not even close

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Once again the Destructoid community has decided. We polled all of you at the close of every conference (there were seven this year!), and you voted based on your gut. Now is the time to take a look at the results.

The two “most hated” conferences? EA with 33%, and Bethesda with 30%. Only PC Gaming Show comes close with 23%. EA also tops the “meh/okay,” meter at nearly 57%, followed by PC Gaming Show at 55% and Sony at 52%.

We’re going to roll like last year and combine the “love” and “enjoy” votes for the highest approval ratings. With that in mind, Nintendo crushes it with 88.4% (with a 69% “loved it” rating, by far the highest by a margin of over 40% compared to Ubisoft’s 22.5% “loved it.” Pretty much no one but Nintendo knocked it out of the park according to our data). Next in line is Ubisoft with 80.9%, then  Microsoft with 44.4%, Sony with 30.9%, PC Gaming Show with 21.5%, Bethesda with 19.9%, and EA with 9.9%.

Does this line up with your personal rankings? Feel free to share your commentary below.

Pie chart of ‘Love’ votes (does not equal 100% as it draws data from each poll):


Some fun with last year’s numbers:

  • EA also “lost” last year with a 6% approval rating.
  • Bethesda had the most “meh” conference at 51% last year, and Sony crushed it in 2016 with an 80% approval rating.
  • If you recall, Nintendo only had that Zelda stream and did not have a massive E3 presence in favor of holding their own Switch event later that year.
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