Here’s one last teaser video before Gotham Knights is revealed tomorrow

Just one more Gotham Night

I am so bad at this. On Monday, I told you “The next Batman game is probably getting revealed tomorrow.” Wrong! Just like earlier in August, I assumed that some Call of Duty crates would mean a worldwide announcement was imminent. Mistaken! I should not have underestimated the allure of protracted hype buildups for marketing departments that are stuck at home.

I am, however, confident in this latest headline. Gotham Knights will be announced tomorrow at DC FanDome. This is one last teaser video before that happens. It even has a one-day countdown. I will throw my hands up in exasperation if I’m somehow fooled yet again. I might even make a puzzled bewildered gasp, like an old retired guy when the mail doesn’t come at exactly the time he’s used to.

If you’ve somehow avoided the worst-kept secrets in games — and, frankly, WB hasn’t even tried keeping them under wraps — DC Comics is getting two reveals tomorrow. At 10:30 am Pacific, there’s a panel for the new WB Montreal game. That’s going to be Gotham Knights. Later, at 5:10 pm Pacific, there’s a panel for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. That’s Rocksteady’s new game. 

Anyway, one more day. Probably. Almost certainly. Or else I get really frustrated. You wouldn’t like me when I’m really frustrated.

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