Here’s how to update an offline Xbox One (Update)

It’s as easy as Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

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[Update: Microsoft has removed the file needed to update Xbox One in this manner. According to director of product planning Albert Penello, “…this file is not the day one update. It’s a recovery file. It’s much larger than the day one update, is more complicated to install, and you still have to connect to Xbox Live when you are done. It was never intended to replace the update.”]

Bricks shouldn’t cost upwards of $500, and yet, the Xbox One does. But like a fairy godmother, Microsoft’s big day-one patch will magically transform your heaping black box into a full-fledged videogame console, even if you’re not connected to Xbox Live!

In all seriousness, most everyone can anticipate that the stress and server load of so many systems trying to update at once will inevitably lead to some issues. For that, Microsoft has drawn up a system that will allow users to update an Xbox One offline.

The Emergency Offline Update (EOU), is not unlike what we saw with the PlayStation 4 update solution, whereby users are allowed to download the patch onto a properly formatted flash drive. There are a few stipulations to this, as not all Xbox Ones will be running the exact same operating system, so for a full breakdown and instructions, check here on Xbox’s official support page.

Xbox One will support offline OS updates, here’s how to get them [Xbox One Daily]

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