Here’s how designer Tai Chiem sees the PlayStation 4

Sure, the PS3 Slim just came out, but some people are always looking to the future. Take designer Tai Chiem for instance, who whipped up this concept design of what he imagines the PS4 could look like. As you can see, there are no wires, which is cool, but the thing that throws me is the place you insert the disc. It’s not that it doesn’t look handsome, but is it just me or do you imagine discs not existing anymore by the time PS4 rolls around? All digital, baby.

Chiem has also envisioned the Xbox 720, which looks a lot like an alien communication device from a faraway planet. If you recall, he also thought up the PSP2, which was bendable. Cool stuff. Have you ever imagined what the next generation of consoles might look like?

[Via Design Yearbook]

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