Here’s everything that happened at The PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2016

Uh, it was a lot

I was sitting in my basement watching Green Room for the first time (real good flick), and my alarm went off. Uh, PSX is starting! I considered not jumping on, but ultimately my curiosity gave in and I’m glad I did. Because uh, there’s a lot to take in.

Among some general fanfare for the PS4, Vita, and PSVR, there were things announced that were out today — a PaRappa remastered demo, Let it Die, and Lara Croft Go. On top of that, we’re getting a new Housemarque shooter, as well as a new Uncharted 4 chapter, and sequels for Knack, and Last of Us.

Not half bad for a side event on a weekend like PSX!

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