Here’s another Splatoon 3 QR code to scan for a free reward

Reminder: You’ll do this in the Splatnet 3 app within the Nintendo Switch Online app

Nintendo has slowly been distributing QR codes for Splatoon 3 players, which grant some form of free in-game bonuses. Today’s code includes a new banner, which is accessible below or on the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account. Neat!

Splatoon 3 is still chugging along, as it recently got its first DLC in the form of a remaster (of sorts) of the original game’s hub. Weirdly it’s identical to the new hub (and even sells the same gear), but I’m sure folks will enjoy the oddity and the nostalgia. Besides, the real meaty DLC is coming eventually anyway, this is just the prelude.

As a note, you can’t just directly scan the QR code. Instead, you’ll need to scan it in the Splatnet 3 app, which is actually an app within an app inside of the Nintendo Switch Online app. Not so neat! At the very least once you get the process down, it’s not so bad. Also it’s an excuse to dig out the Nintendo Switch Online app, which I barely use these days.

For instructions on how to scan Splatoon 3 QR codes as well as a full list of current codes, check out our guide here. Don’t forget to redeem them at the terminal!

Chris Carter
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