Here’s a recap of what happened on the first day of the Overwatch League

Exciting times

Blizzard has a lot to celebrate over with everything they’ve accomplished with Overwatch. What was once a new, uncertain IP is now a juggernaut in the eSports realm, commanding a new stadium in Los Angeles and an entire league built around it. Whether all of their investments are going to pay off is yet to be seen, but so far the production value of the league has already impressed a lot of people. On the Overwatch League’s first day (of Stage 1 – Week 1), the Twitch stream peaked at 415,000 concurrent viewers.

Yesterday was mostly filled with shutouts. The Los Angeles valiant beat out the San Francisco Shock 4-0. It was the same 4-0 streak with the Los Angeles Gladiators winning against the Shanghai Dragons, and the Seoul Dynasty managed to nab a win 2-1 against the Dallas Fuel. You can catch each round individually here. One big highlight was definitely Fleta of the Seoul Dynasty, who brought his Pharah and rocked it so hard with direct rocket hits that there was discussion of him being the best DPS player currently in the league. Just like any other league, expect to see hard stats equivalent to batting averages and QBRs come out as the season progresses.

Later today three more matches are set to happen starting at 5PM PST, and the festivities will run through Saturday night, concluding the first week of the League. It’ll pick back up on January 17 running through Saturday yet again.

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