Here’s a quick look at Overwatch’s new competitive gold weapon skins

Surprise, they’re gold

[Update: You can find more info on a global PTR rollout here.]

Last week Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan re-iterated some plans for their upcoming competitive mode, which included special golden gun skin rewards. Kaplan also briefly mentioned that Blizzard “might” hold a PTR session for the game — a session that was just held in Korea.

As such, overseas players have gotten their hands on what the rewards actually look like, and surprise! They’re golden. One of the standouts include a golden barrel for Bastion, and almost all of them will clash will the basic skin loadouts — so I hope you have some alternates to choose from.

Either way, providing tiny cosmetic bonuses is a good idea. People who play every day will be happy to earn something unique, and casual players won’t be screwed by some kind of advantage. I’m still loving Overwatch in general but I’m keen to try out ranked play as well — I’m probably going to kick off with Lúcio.

Preview of Gold Weapons [Master Overwatch]

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