Here’s a new trailer for Disgaea PC

Take over the Netherworld, dood!

In case you missed it, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (AKA the Destroyer of Lives and Cruel Devourer of All Free Time) is coming to PC under the name Disgaea PC. Nippon Ichi’s popular PlayStation 2 SRPG was thrown up on Steam last month with very little fanfare, but now that we’re inching towards its February 2016 release we’ve been treated to a new teaser trailer.

The trailer sets the stage for the game, which follow the story of Laharl, an arrogant demon-kid who intends to become the Overlord of the Netherworld by any means necessary. The trailer also shows off the game’s voice acting and its highly tactical combat system, which often involves stacking your teammates on top of each other like a big, death-spewing totem pole.

Disgaea PC includes updated textures and a new and improved UI, as well as the necessary tweaks to make the game playable on a keyboard and mouse. It also contains all of the content from the PSP rerelease Afternoon of Darkness, just in case the hundreds of hours long main game wasn’t enough content for you.

It’s nice to see the series finally come to PC after 13 years, and hopefully this means the other Disgaea games are on their way too!

Joe Parlock