Genshin Impact: How to find the new Chasm area and the Chasmic Serpent boss

Genshin Impact Chasmic Serpent

The Chasm is right there in the southern part of Liyue

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The Genshin Impact 2.6 update is live today, and there’s a few things to look out for. Notably, among some new and returning characters, are a new set of Archon [story] quests, and the Chasm zone. Here’s a quick rundown of where to find the Genshin Impact Chasmic Serpent boss, as well as the new Chasm area itself.

Genshin Impact chasmic serpent 2

First up, you can just walk into the new Chasm area.

It’s actually in the southwest corner of Liyue, the second region you’ll get to after Mondstadt. There, you’ll find a new series of world quests, treasure, goodies, and enemies.

Genshin Impact chasmic serpent 5

But the real questline starts in the eastern part of the region, north of Glaze peak, in the above zoomed-in image.

That’s where the “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering” world quest is unlocked, which leads to…pretty much everything, including the Genshin Impact Chasmic Serpent boss, and the Archon questline.

Genshin Impact chasmic serpent 4

You’ll get the quest from the NPC Muning above.

Following the straight-forward questline will lead you to the Chasm Underground (a separate map kind of like Enkanomiya), where you’ll find the Chasmic Serpent lurking in the northwest corner of the map.

The first part of the quest is the “Bedrock Keys.” All you need to do is smash the geo formations around the objective, head up to the floating geo rocks, then slash them at an angle so it “shoots” a geo projectile at the orbiting geo stalactite key. Repeat the process in the clearly marked areas three more times: then a final time for the last key.

Genshin Impact Chasmic Serpent 5Z

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to “collect” the little star out of the geo formations first to “load” the geo rocks. Also note that if there’s a puzzle with multiple firing mechanisms, you’ll want to go from top to bottom, lowering the stalactite each shot so it can be hit in succession at a lower angle.

Genshin Impact Chasmic Serpent 5Z2

After you hit the final Bedrock Key in the western portion of the map (marked by the quest), and you can then head into the mines using a teleportation spot in the middle of the Chasm: where you’ll find the Chasmic Serpent near the entrance. In all the process takes around 15 minutes.

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