Here’s 13 minutes of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion footage

Crisis Core Reunion footage

See how it compares to the original

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Thanks to a new video straight from Famitsu, we have an unfettered look at 13 minutes of Crisis Core Reunion PS5 footage. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is set to debut on December 13 on basically every major platform, and after a long windup, we finally have insight as to how it will play.

Although much of the text and voiceover is in Japanese, it’s very easy to suss out what’s going on, as it focuses on the combat system first and foremost. We also get a look at the materia customization system, which can be used to change up your tactics and ability access. Beyond some standard enemy battles, there’s also a look at a boss battle with Vajradhara Wu and Vajradhara Tai, followed by a confrontation with Ifrit. The latter takes several minutes to complete, as the game shows off its limit break system and Final Fantasy VII reminiscent soundtrack.

I should point out: the video deals with a chunk of the first chapter of the game, and the story beats seem to line up similarly, thus far. So you’re not getting a whole lot spoiled, comparatively!

Crisis Core Reunion footage:

You can compare it to the original here, at roughly 16:00 in:

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