Here They Lie won’t require PlayStation VR after the next update

Too spooky

I played a little of Here They Lie during the PlayStation VR’s launch period last year, but never felt compelled to return and wrap things up. I might just have to do that soon — the horror game is being updated with better head tracking, sharper visuals, and a chapter select on February 21.

That’s the least surprising piece of news here, though. On that same day, Tangentlemen is also making the game accessible for folks who do not own a PlayStation VR. From that point on, you’ll be able to play on PS4 or PS4 Pro with the new “Standard” version of Here They Lie. What’s more, current game owners will have access to this VR-less option in the aforementioned free update.

Here They Lie is also getting an insanely juicy PS4 Pro patch on the same day! That means 4K (users need a 4K display device to view in 4K) / HDR support for the Standard version of the game, and an all-around higher quality render-mode for PS4 Pro on PS VR. Better shadows, post-processing effects, dynamic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion!”

Realistically, it might be too late for me and this game after Resident Evil 7, but this is a great move for VR and non-VR players alike. The developers easily could’ve moved on to a new project by now.

Here They Lie Updated with PS4 and PS4 Pro Support on February 21 [PlayStation Blog]

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