Here they are, your first details on Guitar Hero Modern Hits

Already revealed in name by the ESRB not long ago, Nintendo Power (February 2009) has the first details on Activision’s upcoming Nintendo DS title, Guitar Hero Modern Hits.

Beyond dropping the the “On Tour” from the name, Modern Hits looks like it’s revamping its single-player career experience as well. Ditching the straight forward way of working down a list, it’s now a bit more open. You’ll choose to play shows in different venues, gaining fans. As your popularity grows, you’ll get more money, more fans and with them, “Fan Requests.” The requests vary, but seem to hinge on avoiding bomb notes or playing songs at hyperspeed.

As far as the set list is concerned, you’ve got the modern hits that you’d expect from a game called Modern Hits. The ESRB listing already inadvertently revealed songs by Franz Ferdinand, Finger Eleven, and Sum 41. The brilliance of those bands will be matched by tracks from Evanescence (“Sweet Sacrifice”) and Coldplay (“Violet Hill”).  Don’t like the “modern hits,” you’ll be able to share songs wirelessly between the two previous DS games.

Some venues and the list of songs revealed so far can be found after the jump.

Rusty Rocco’s
Opening Act:
“Dimension” by Wolfmother
“Violet Hill” by Coldplay
“Where Are We Runnin” by Lenny Kravitz

Headline Act:
“Sweet Sacrifice” by Evanescense
“Reptilia” by The Strokes
“Unconditional” by The Bravery

Casino Vacarious
Opening Act:
“This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” by Fall Out Boy
“Everybody Get Dangerous” by Weezer
“Ruby” by The Kaiser Chiefs

Headline Act:

“Adrenaline” by 12 Stones
“The Metal” by Tenacious D
“Falling Down” by Atreyu

Songs revealed by ESRB leak:
“Still Waiting,” by Sum 41
“The Fallen” by Franz Ferdinand
“Paralyzer” by and Finger Eleven


Nick Chester