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Here is every new Exotic weapon & armor in Destiny 2: Lightfall

There’s quite a few new additions

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Destiny 2: Lightfall is bringing new content into the mix, and on top of story missions, a raid, and challenges, there’s also…gear. Yep, a looter shooter wouldn’t be complete without more rare gear to find and farm, so here are the main exotic weapon and armor choices introduced in 2023’s Destiny 2 expansion.

Final Warning (Sidearm)

Lore/flavor text: “The flit of tiny wings; the pull of a trigger.”

Final Warning is a sidearm that allows players to hold down the trigger to “mark” targets. It’s fitting with Bungie’s prior work on the Halo series, and slots nicely into the stand/thread theme of the Lightfall expansion.

Deterministic Chaos (Machine Gun)

Lore/flavor text: “So all being is a one and only being; and that it continues to be when someone dies, tells you, that he did not cease to be.” – Schrodinger’s epitaph

This Machine Gun turns every fourth bullet into a heavy projectile, which weakens targets. It’s great for groups, and since it’s a high capacity magazine (48), “every fourth bullet” translates to 12 per reloading session.

Winterbite (Glaive)

Lore/flavor text: “Don’t slip or you’ll hurt yourself. A lot”

This Glaive is decidedly freezing-focused, as it can shot off a ball of energy that not only locks on, but freezes targets.


Verglas Curve (Combat Bow)

Lore/flavor text: “A volley of solutions to any disruption”

The Verglas Curve combat bow grants players bonuses for final blows: which provide stasis arrows. A hip-fire shot will “fire all of them in a single volley,” which is fantastic for single-target damage.

Abeyant Leap (Titan leg armor)

Lore/flavor text: “After each ascent, the fall”

Buffing Drengr’s Lash, this piece of gear even further accentuates the Lightfall strand gimmick, creating more projectiles.

Cyrtarachne’s Facade (Hunter helmet)

Lore/flavor text: “The perfect disguise”

Simply put, this exotic helmet grants Woven Mail when you’re using grapple (one of the new mechanics of the expansion), and provides increased flinch resistance (as well as armor, which isn’t listed as a perk).

Swarmers (Warlock leg armor)

Lore/flavor text: “Beware the promise of a wanderer”

Ah more leg armor! This Warlock foot set spawns Threadlings when destroying Tangle spawns, which unravel targets they damage.

As soon as we get more info on the other exotics in the expansion, we’ll update the article.

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