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Do you still take off work/school to play games? With Destiny 2: Lightfall out today, we want to know

Destiny expansions are usually a decent “all day” affair

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Destiny 2: Lightfall is out today, and the community is already buzzing with the ever-present question of every game release: “did you take off work for it?” Well, I’m playing it for work, does that count?

One of the last “take off of work” stories I can recall before I got into this gig full-time is Skyrim. I picked it up at a midnight launch Thursday night (early RIP for GameStop), took off that Friday, and played it through Saturday evening; which is when I cleared the main quest (yep!). I spent the rest of the weekend mucking around. There’s nothing like a cozy atmosphere, fun food, and embedding yourself in an open world game. But back to Destiny.

Destiny is a breezy series if you’re playing it casually

Having covered Destiny since the original game’s alpha period, I’m no stranger to “taking off” (so to speak!) for these launches. The thing is, even if you’re a casual player, most modern Destiny expansions have around a full day’s worth of raw content to them. After that it’s generally off to the gear grind, prepping for the raid, potentially doing some dungeon runs or Crucible PVP, and waiting for updates. But you can get the overall “gist” of the base expansion very quickly, and I’m sure a lot of folks are going to be doing just that with Lightfall today. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.

Weirdly, these kinds of live service games have a meta that typically involves gearing up as quickly as you can, and constantly running the toughest content so you can always be above the curve. So seeing players take off an entire week hasn’t been out of the question. Either way, we’re curious if you still take off work for games!

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