Here are the stages you picked for Splatoon’s last Splatfest

Kelp Dome, Moray Towers, Walleye Warehouse

Hark, the end of Splatoon is nigh. Well, the end of new content at least.

As previously announced, the last ever Splatfest is going to be Callie versus Marie, in a Squid Sister battle to the death. That’s going down tomorrow, July 22, and Nintendo has announced the stages that will be featured so you can start map studying now — Kelp Dome, Moray Towers, Walleye Warehouse.

I’m sad to see these things go but again, Nintendo has supported the game for over a year, which is more than most publishers. It would be great to see Splatfests and the like continue, but more than likely they’re hard at work with Splatoon 2 to unveil next E3 on the NX (this is complete and utter speculation, but it makes sense, right?).

Nintendo of America [Twitter]

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