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Here are the best Traits in Hogwarts Legacy

It depends!

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While Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world game, it also has some RPG qualities. Once you unlock the ability to assign talent points to your character and traits to your gear, your journey can take you onto a few different paths when it comes to your magic. You could focus mainly on dark magic, utilizing curses. Or you could focus on your stealth and defense, avoiding conflict whenever possible. If you have unlocked the Loom in the Room of Requirement, you may be wondering which traits are the best to apply to your gear. The truth is that it just depends on what you have been working towards with your character, but here are some tips to get you the most bang for your buck.

General Answer: Level Three

In general, go for Level Three traits whenever you can. Traits, especially on the Level One end of the spectrum, just aren’t that effective. However, almost any Level Three, when added to multiple gear items, can be very useful. So whenever possible aim high. This is the most basic strategy though, and the most useful traits can be narrowed down even further. Also consider that trait stacking absolutely works. To take advantage of serious rewards, commit to adding the same Level Three trait to each gear item, rather than trying to prepare for everything.

Unforgivable III

If you’re determined to follow Sebastian down the dark path, then you might as well lean in. The Unforgivable III trait can be applied to all of your gear to greatly increase the damage to cursed targets. The spells alone are already powerful, and if you have stacked Talent Points in the Dark Arts, this just one more way to level up your casts.

Herbology III

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If you’re way more interested in avoiding Dark Magic, there are other ways to gain an advantage in battle. Surprisingly, Herbology III is incredibly useful when stacked onto your gear. I tend to lean on potions and plants in battle since I’m easily overwhelmed when I’m swarmed. Rather than individually leveling up certain plants, Herbology III increases damage dealt by all plants. Add in Talent Points that allow your Venomous Tentacula to shoot through enemy shields and your Chomping Cabages to multiply, and suddenly lower level enemies drop quickly. It’s like having backup. Except it’s a rapid cabbage with teeth.

Ancient Magic III

Ancient Magic is incredibly powerful and fun to use. Whether it brings down a brilliant bolt of lightning or makes a gigantic spider small enough to step on, its effects are always interesting. By adding Ancient Magic III to your gear, you can amp up the damage from these limited attacks even more. If you invest in Talent Points that help you refill your Ancient Magic meter quickly, you can be a boss in battle.

Concentration III

However, you may just like to blow things up. That’s fair. Instead of investing in one spell, like Confringo or Bombardo, you can attach the Concentration III trait to increase the power of all damage spells. Considering spell cooldowns, this is a way more useful strategy than doubling down on a spell. Don’t forget that you can use Focus Potion to lower those cooldowns though.

Using the Loom to weave traits into your gear is mostly extra until you find these powerful traits in chests. They can be found in Bandit Camps scattered around the map. While helpful, they are best stacked on Talent Points, so consider the best talents to unlock first. Obviously, play style factors in too. Which spells you prefer are a matter of personal choice, but here are the 10 best spells in Hogwarts Legacy to aid in that decision.

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