Here are some really decent deals on Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass ahead of tomorrow’s Ultimate Game Sale

$40 for one, $10 for the other

Xbox is gearing up for another one of its annual Ultimate Game Sales, but the subscription services are getting discounted a day early. It’s a good chance to get Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for a little cheaper than usual.

For the next 14 days, a year-long subscription to Xbox Live Gold is $40. That’s a $20 savings over the usual price (but anyone who has experience with these sort of subscription services knows that only suckers pay full price).

There’s also a really great deal on Xbox Game Pass — three months for $10. But there’s a catch. This seems to only be an introductory offer. If you have an active Game Pass subscription, the deal defaults to buying an additional one month for $10 which is the normal price. Only people who don’t currently have Game Pass can seemingly take advantage of this.

This is just the beginning, though. Tomorrow, more than 700 games will be discounted for the Ultimate Game Sale. Get ready to wade through the digital bargain bin.

Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass [Microsoft Store]

Brett Makedonski
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