Here are four new clips of The Evil Within 2

The Evil GIFin

Bethesda’s The Evil Within 2 reveal at E3 went about as smoothly as anyone could hope for. There was a well-produced trailer, a description of the plot, and a release date. Probably most important, there was a thirst from fans for the sequel to improve where its predecessor faltered. The Evil Within was a flawed game, but also one that showed a lot of promise.

The first part of Bethesda’s post-E3 marketing for The Evil Within 2 is to show off a little bit of what was at the convention. The publisher recently posted these four short gameplay clips that were played on the convention floor. They’re all looping below, hopefully not crashing your browser.

Initial impression: Some very conventional evil. Dragging a dead body, stabbing someone, possible arson — all evil that’s easy enough to fathom. The supernatural evil that’s presumably also present will have to wait a bit.

The Evil Within 2 E3 2017 Experience [Bethesda]

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