Here are Dead Rising 4’s retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses

Sharpen up those candy canes

There are certain games I categorize as “gloriously stupid,” and the Dead Rising games fit into that category. Games like this emphasize fun over reality, and are an excuse for weapon designers and modelers to let their imaginations run free. You definitely get a sense of the fun they had making stuff up when looking at Dead Rising 4‘s weapons. Earlier today, we received a listing of the retailer-exclusive DLC incentives. Except for the Microsoft Store bonus, all of these are for North American stores only.

Pre-ordering the game from the Microsoft Store grants access to the X-fists. These oversized legally-distinct-from-Hulk Hands are a melee weapon that can be used while in Frank’s Exo Suit. One of the other promotional images shows a similar set of fists, so this item may be available as a palette swap in the main game without pre-ordering.

Ordering from GameStop gets you the recipe for the Steampunk Snowman, which freezes enemies in place and sets them up to be shattered. Since this is a combo weapon, you’ll probably have to find the parts yourself and combine them at a workbench.

Buying the game at Best Buy before launch will unlock the Candy Cane Crossbow. Since Dead Rising 4 is set near Christmas, ammo for this thing will probably be plentiful, at least.

Finally, pre-ordering the game from Amazon will net you the Slicecycle, a motorcycle with twin chainsaws strapped to the handlebars. This one made its debut in Dead Rising 2, which starred professional motorcyclist Chuck Greene. It’s a great way to pump up your kill count if you’re working on the “Zombie Genocidest” achievements that always make their way into these games.

The press release also provided a little more information about one of Dead Rising 4‘s power-ups, the Exo Suit. This seems to boost Frank’s strength immensely, but only lasts for two minutes.

Personally, I’m not a fan of splitting up content like this, but in previous Dead Rising games, all of the retail-specific pre-order bonuses became available later on as paid DLC. Here’s hoping this game follows suit after it launches on December 6.

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