Here are all of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon changes

Sunbreak weapon changes

Capcom has them all in video form now

If you were looking for all of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon changes, you came to the right place! Capcom just finished its video series on the whole lot, which you can peruse below.

In short, Sunbreak is reworking how every weapon operates with extra Silkbind abilities. With the new abilities, Capcom has addressed some of the shortcomings of several weapons. Most of them seem to be focused on adding more maneuverability into the mix, and several are actually extremely low-key for an expansion — in a good way!

It looks like Capcom used some restraint for the Sunbreak weapon changes, particularly for the Light Bowgun, which debuted its changes today. One key ability is the Wyvern Counter, which is an “urgent retreat that fires a shot with a massive recoil.” Think of it like a blast dodge.

In a sense, each weapon will feel distinctly different with a higher skill ceiling, without sacrificing the original intent and mechanical foundation. Well that’s the goal, anyway! I’m sure pros will find all of the nuances, upgrades, and downgrades on day one.

Sword & Shield

Switch Axe

Heavy Bowgun

Insect Glaive


Great Sword

Hunting Horn


Charge Blade



Long Sword

Light Bowgun

Dual Blades

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