Henry Hatsworth devs’ new game, Monster Tale

Henry Hatsworth turned heads last year for its unique puzzle/platform gameplay and instantly endearing sense of charm. Developer Dreamrift is ready to catch our eye again with a brand new DS adventure, Monster Tale, and it looks pretty damn cute indeed. 

Monster Tale is published by Majesco and, like Hatsworth, it will combine two genres that work together using the DS’ two-screen format. This time, platforming and Tamagotchi-style pet raising will be on the cards, as main character Ellie collects food on the top screen for her monster, Chomp, to eat. Chomp lives on the bottom screen and gets stronger as food is collected. He can then be summoned into the platforming section when things get dangerous.

Sounds a little bit less unique than Hatsworth, most likely because of Hatsworth itself coming out first, but it still holds a lot of promise, and if it’s anything like as good as the last game, we’ll be onto a winner. Monster Tale is due out in December, and has already been inked onto my “DO WANT” list.

Hatsworth dev unleashes Monster Tale [Eurogamer]

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