Hellgate London beta has begun. I like Hellgates. London, not so much

As somebody who lives in London, I can already confirm that it represents the many circles of Hell quite efficiently, but if you want to experience our demonic capital city for yourself, you might be interested to know that Hellgate London is now available to play in beta form. Naturally, not everyone can join Flagship’s RPG/FPS venture into a post-apocalyptic London, and if you want to give it a whirl, you’ll need to wait for lady luck to shine your way. 

Sign up to Hellgate‘s official Web site for your opportunity to play the beta and start messing up demons with your faction of choice. Pay heed to the rules though, fair child … or die:

1. Signing up doesn’t guarantee an invite, but does raise your chances significantly in receiving one.

2. Please only enter your e-mail once, as duplicates may cause you to not receive an invite.

3. If you’re already part of the Alpha, don’t re-enter your e-mail – but tell all of your friends!

4. If you do receive an invite, keep in mind that all content is contractually under NDA until further notice.

If I had a PC that wasn’t blasted into senility by years of gratuitous pornography abuse, I’d definitely be tempted to take a shot at this, complete with threats that I’m from Destructoid and kind of a big deal so they better give me a beta key or they are finished. That really works for we associate editors and doesn’t lead to Hideo Kojima putting restraining orders on us, I promise. In all seriousness, Hellgate London looks like it might be a lot of fun and could be worth at least a beta run. If any of you try it out and get in, let us know what you think.

James Stephanie Sterling