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Helldivers 2 Patch 01.000.403 has fixed the Spear, but other bugs and poor performance persist

The performance seems to have only worsened since launch

Earlier this month, it seemed Helldivers 2 players were mostly pleased with the meaty update developer Arrowhead Game Studios dropped. However, it did bring some new bugs with it. Some of them were resolved with another patch, but others have remained, even after today’s patch, which has at least fixed the FAF-14 Spear.

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For context, the FAF-14 Spear Stratagem was in need of improvements, but wound up not working properly after the June 13 patch. It was fixed in the June 18 patch, only for the Spear to sometimes crash the game while aiming (is this thing cursed or something?). According to the patch notes for Patch 01.000.403, this should no longer be an issue, but I wouldn’t blame players for still being wary about using it.

There are a number of other fixes too but, when glancing through responses to the patch on Reddit, it seems the patch has overlooked the more pressing issues players are having with Helldivers 2. Chief among them are the performance woes, which have been steadily getting worse since the game’s launch in February, and especially after the addition of the new jungle biome.

A number of fans have expressed bafflement that Arrowhead hasn’t even commented on the matter, with one outright calling Helldivers 2 “unplayable,” adding, “My performance is garbage at this point. The number of game breaking glitches continues to hinder me even further.” It has been suggested that, for the time being, you have your Steam friends list and profile set to public to fix framerate issues, which sounds weird but apparently does work according to a couple of players.

Others are equally frustrated that the Superior Packing Methodology ship module still doesn’t work after the June 13 patch broke it. One fan has admitted to using an exploit to get around it: “Normally I’m against exploits, but losing Superior Packing Methodology is annoying. So my squad has started using the multiple resupply exploit to counteract the issue.”

It wouldn’t be surprising if another patch drops next week, but there’s no telling how long it’ll take for these aforementioned issues to be fixed. Arrowhead admittedly has a communications problem, since a lot of important updates on what’s going on with the game are shared exclusively via Discord. Players might be a bit more forgiving if Arrowhead could keep everyone in the loop through other social media sites or even the game itself.

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