Helldivers 2 jungle biome planet arrives
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Helldivers 2’s jungle biome has arrived and fans are singing its praises: ‘I will die for this beautiful planet’

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Helldivers 2‘s Viper Commandos Warbond launched last week with jungle-themed gear and skins, but was missing that critical something — the actual jungle. But now that’s behind us, as the jungle biome has arrived for at least one planet in Helldivers 2. So far, the fans absolutely adore it.

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It’s fortunate (son) that the jungle biome has become such a hit. Before now, the only way Helldivers 2 players could experience their in-game “Space Vietnam” was with Malevelon Creek, a planet the community finally liberated in April.

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You can experience the new jungle biome of Helldivers 2 yourself by navigating to the planet Gacrux in the Terminid-controlled Jin Xi sector. Fans have been diving hard on the planet since the biome arrived, and have shared their gushing feelings over at the official Helldivers subreddit. Some are making discoveries by the hour, such as how you can climb the massive trees.

Helldivers 2 fans drop onto Gacrux to live out their Commando dreams

I gave the planet a look myself and can confirm that the jungle biome is incredible. Trees stand tall against the amber skies but can be knocked to the ground with a well-placed Eagle Strike. Olive pools of water stretch across the ground. Sunlight pierces the canopy with the coming dawn, burning away the mists that choke the atmosphere. And so on.

It really is gorgeous and, frankly, it seems to be a bit much for my poor PlayStation 5 to handle. When the bug swarms pour through the trees like water and the rains start falling, my PS5 chugs even on Performance mode. I’m hoping an optimization patch is cooking in Arrowhead’s kitchen.

Regardless, I plan on dropping on Gacrux again in the near future. The new biome feels like just the incentive I need to get back onto the bug hunt. If any Stalker nests appear, I’ll finally know what it’s like to live through that one scene in Predator.

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