Helldivers 2 How to best use all weapons in the Cutting Edge Warbond

Helldivers 2: How to best use all weapons in the Cutting Edge Warbond

Become a (Cutting) Edge lord.

There are few things more satisfying in Helldivers 2 than the day you can exchange those hard-earned Warbond Medals for a shiny new toy. You have four new weapons in the Cutting Edge Warbond in Helldivers 2, but how do you best use them?

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Obviously, you don’t have any kind of firing range at which you can test your new weapons. Instead, your first thought will likely be simply to field-test the guns against the fleshy bits of a Terminid. But, not so fast! I’ve been spending days trying each weapon against bugs and bots. Read on to find out what I feel is the best way to use the Cutting Edge Warbond weapons in Helldivers 2.

The best ways to use Cutting Edge weapons in Helldivers 2

As mentioned, there are four new weapons and a grenade in the Cutting Edge Warbond in Helldivers 2, and I looked into the best ways to use each of them. For the most part, I tend to believe that there are no bad guns in Helldivers 2 so long as you’re using them right. I’ll admit that some need a bit of work so they can reach their true potential, however. And on that note, there are at least two guns in the Warbond that should go back to the drawing board.

the las dagger
Image via Arrowhead Games

How to use the LAS-16 Sickle

As a Breaker main, I felt there was little chance I’d drop my favorite shotty for anything else — much less a rifle. But here we are. The LAS-16 Sickle is vying for the position of my favorite weapon. However, there are caveats to keep in mind.

An automatic Energy-Based rifle, the Sickle fires bolts of hot energy at enemies. It doesn’t require ammo, but it does build up heat. When it overheats, you need to change the clip. Keeping an eye on your heat means you can wield a powerful gun that never needs resupplying.

firing the sickle from long range
Screenshot by Destructoid

At 55 damage and with a fire rate of 750, the Sickle is excellent against non-Heavy enemies, slowing their advance and shredding their health. But it’s not as useful against larger foes like the Bile Spewer — the ol’ Breaker still outclasses it here. The gun also has a small wind-up time, so close-up enemies could do some damage before you can dish it back.

The Sickle works well against Terminids, but it’s more ideal for Automatons. Its high accuracy and range make sniping concealed bot weak points easier than other Primary Weapons. Said accuracy allows you to easily mow down enemies while shooting from the hip. It’s my favorite way to use the gun.

firing the sickle from the hip is fun
It’s all in the hips. Screenshot by Destructoid


  • Good damage with high accuracy and range
  • Unlimited ammo if you manage the heat buildup
  • Viable when firing while aiming or from the hip


  • Ill-suited for enemies with medium armor or above
  • Slight wind-up time before firing

How to use the SG-8P Punisher Plasma

The Punisher Plasma isn’t so much of a shotgun as it seems to be developer Arrowhead Games’ wanting to offer players a Grenade Launcher primary without it being a grenade launcher. It lobs a ball of indigo energy at an arc that explodes on contact. The ‘Explosive’ aspect means you cannot use it like a typical shotgun. Firing at enemies at close range can kill you instantly.

Think of it as a utility-based weapon. The Punisher Plasma is best used when you’re firing on enemies from the high ground. Attack from above and watch the bodies fly. It’s also fantastic against armored enemies. The blast can go around the armor of a Brood Commander or a Devastator with a shield. Bile Spewers are weak to the explosion damage, which can harm multiple enemies in a tight group. It also stuns enemies, able to stop harassers like the Stalkers in their path. The shotgun is one of the best against bug eggs, as it’s able to destroy several per shot.

Helldivers 2 best cutting edge weapons punisher plasma from the high ground
It’s over, Terminids; I have the high ground! Screenshot by Destructoid

The weapon is mostly hampered by its low fire rate and ammo capacity. It also can’t destroy bug holes, despite shooting explosive orbs.


  • Can get around armor and shields to strike weak points
  • Stuns enemies like the Stalker with each shot
  • Perfect to use during missions where you must destroy Terminid eggs
  • A powerful weapon to use from the high ground


  • The splash damage can kill you
  • Low rate of fire and ammo capacity
  • Cannot be used against bug holes

How to use the ARC-12 Blitzer

Oh, man. Remember what I said about the guns that can use a bit more work? I believe the Blitzer falls into this category. It’s a shotgun that fires a blast of arcing electricity with each shot. The damage feels weak but somehow tends to kill allies better than enemies. It has infinite ammo and never overheats, but its low range, damage, and fire rate make it a tough pick.

The Blitzer seems to do well against armored enemies. Like the Arc Thrower, it appears to ignore armor to cause damage. It works well against groups of weak enemies, but it takes about four or eight shots to kill a Brood Commander. The damage seems remarkably inconsistent at times. With a fire rate of 30, it becomes maddening how long you need to wait between each shot. Holding a Blitzer while getting swarmed by enemies feels like a self-applied handicap.

Helldivers 2 best cutting edge weapons blitzer against bugs
Screenshot by Destructoid

My best suggestion is to use it to support your team by taking on swarms of lower-rank Terminids. It can wipe them up fairly easily and looks cool while doing it. The gun arcs through up to three enemies, by my count. But be warned that the arc doesn’t discriminate friend from foe.


  • Can ignore some armor
  • Cleans up weaker enemies well


  • Slow to fire
  • Weak, inconsistent damage keeps it from being useful against tougher enemies
  • Can kill allies with an arcing shot

How to use the LAS-7 Dagger

Right, so the LAS-7 Dagger is the second gun I was referring to earlier. Much like the Blitzer, the Dagger has a lot of drawbacks. A laser pistol, the Dagger fires a stream of energy that slowly builds up heat. Too much heat, and you have to reload. You get three reloads before you need to resupply. And since it takes about five or more seconds to kill some enemies, watching the heat meter feels like a part-time job.

Capable of dishing out 150 damage per second, the Dagger is a bit weak. It performs better against the chaff enemies. The issue I have is that it also feels weak, much like its big brother, the Scythe. I feel like a kid with a laser pointer, swiping it across enemies that fall over after five seconds like they’re in on the make-believe schtick. It’s so grimly unsatisfying to use. The range is respectable, however, and it works better than most pistols against chasers while disengaging from a fight.

Helldivers 2 best cutting edge weapons dagger against bots
Pew. Screenshot by Destructoid


  • Good against weaker foes and helpful while disengaging


  • Low damage
  • Fast heat buildup with only three reloads
  • Unsatisfying to use

How to use the G-23 Stun grenade

The Stun grenade is a tool that shouldn’t be slept on. It’s capable of halting most enemies, including Heavies like the Charger. The grenade is perfect to set up kills with Stratagems. Running from impossible fights is also much easier with the grenade in your kit.

For the most part, the G-23 Stun grenade has become one of my favorites in high-difficulty missions where running can be more ideal than fighting. Being able to run from a cluster of Chargers and Stalkers with a grenade toss is incredible. I do wish it could stun for longer. By my count, most enemies are stunned for up to five seconds. It’s not an impact-style grenade, which means it can be deflected. You also can’t use it against bug holes.

Helldivers 2 best cutting edge weapons using the stun grenade
Drop and don’t stop. Screenshot by Destructoid


  • Can stun most enemies for up to five seconds
  • Perfect for setting up Stratagem kills
  • Useful when running from a fight


  • Will stun for only up to five seconds
  • Can stun you and your allies
  • Does nothing to bug holes

Overall, the weapons in the Cutting Edge Warbond for Helldivers 2 are good but aren’t all the best. Most work well so long as you understand their strengths and weaknesses, though admittedly, there are a couple that can use a second look. I suggest getting the Sickle right away and giving the Punisher Plasma a chance. You may just end up with a couple of new favorites.

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