Hell Yes: MonkeyPaw porting Magical Drop F, Cho Aniki

We knew that MonkeyPaw Games was working on bringing over many of the Japanese PSOne games that we’ve been dying to get but now we’re getting some title names, and I’m even more excited. Why am I excited? Just from the titles we’ve heard so far, I know that former Hudson CEO Jon Greiner and I are on the same page. I’m one that gets tired of waiting for some of Japan’s best games to get licensed, so I acquire the games I want myself. These are the kind of titles that MonkeyPaw is working on bringing to us as digital releases.

ESRB leaks reveal that MonkeyPaw has the following PSOne titles in the works:

  • Cho Aniki
  • GaiaSeed
  • Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty
  • Blockids
  • Magical Drop F

Two of my greatest joys as a well-versed gamer are showing people how hilarious the muscular shooter Cho Aniki is, and how much fun puzzle game Magical Drop is. I’ve had visitors in my home playing a version both games on my Sega Saturn this past week!

I was just complaining how silly it was for one of the greatest puzzle games ever to be available on the Japanese PlayStation Network, but not on the U.S. version. It needs little translation, much like many of the other titles.

All of that changes now. Hats off to MonkeyPaw. I can’t wait to see what else they’re working on.

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