Heavy Weapon to be this week’s XBLA Wednesday title

Microsoft’s XBLA Wednesday program continues its march toward Average Land with the release this week of Pop Cap Games’ Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank. What is Heavy Weapon? I have no clue either, so here’s the description of this side-scrolling shooter:

The action title will incorporate multiplayer modes exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade version (the game is also available for PC online), playable either locally or via Xbox Live for players with Gold subscriptions.

The game will cost 800 Microsoft points, or $10, and will be available on Live at 9 a.m. GMT.

The game will also have 19 missions, survival mode, an Xbox Live exclusive successive boss challenge, co-op, voice chat, leaderboards and other features.

Oh boy, Castlevania can’t come soon enough. 

Robert Summa