Hearthstone’s next expansion is just cards, will have over 100 of them

Blizzard is looking to do a mix of Naxxramas and card expansions

Hearthstone is still chugging, and I had a blast with its Curse of Naxxramas expansion. It added a decent amount of cards to the game (30), and some single player content that kept me busy for quite a while.

The next expansion though won’t be taking the same direction though, as it will solely consist of cards — lots of cards. Speaking to Polygon, production director Jason Chayes noted that there will be “more than 100 cards” in the next expansion, and that they’ll fit a central theme.

Although the Naxx concept worked well, Blizzard has a long-term plan for the game that involves both card expansions and adventure content. It’ll be interesting to see how a “just cards” expansion fares, and if Blizzard can keep Hearthstone balanced.

Hearthstone’s next add-on will be a full expansion with over 100 new cards [Polygon]

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