Have Chun-Li on your iPod for ridiculous amounts of money

It seems to me that any electronic product with a lower case “i” preceding its name invariably turns out to be a colossal waste of money. I guess social status is just worth that much to some people, which is why you can be a trendier douchebag than ever before thanks to Capcom and its Street Fighter themed iPods.

Capcom has teamed up with Etchstar to scratch any Street Fighter character you desire into your overinflated MP3 player. For the low, low price of $549, you could have Chun-Li on an iPod Touch. It’ll be a hit with the ladies, and help to further enhance your iPod as a surrogate personality, along with your faded 80’s Batman Shirt (bought brand new last week) and the dream catcher you got from Ebay because it’s “just so you.”

Wouldn’t that just be simply radical? You make me sick.

Jim Sterling