Have a batch of Borderlands screens while I fap up a storm

It’s time once again for me to drool over Borderlands, and I urge you to join me if you are so inclined, by looking at the hot screenshots that Gearbox has released to the general public. This dystopian RPG full of customizable guns and Skag Beasts is looking sexier with each new image, the new art style having really paid off to create a game that is both brown and beautiful.

Hopefully Gearbox will release some video soon to go along with all the lovely screens, as I’m itching to see the game in action. That said, I’m eager for any and all information about this game which seems to be really hitting its stride since details quietly appeared well over a year ago. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that this game plays as good as it looks, and we’ll bring more news as soon as we have it.

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