Has Microsoft killed Kinect?

Kinda. Maybe. Possibly?

Talking of backwards compatibility… did you notice what wasn’t on that list of playable titles?

Kinect games. There are no Kinect games. No Kinectimals, no Kinect Sport, no Dance Central. It seems that Xbox’s all-singing, all-dancing motion/voice control system Kinect – once Microsoft’s poster child – has been unceremoniously dumped in a corner.


Apparently, it’s not intentional. As the Xbox One will essentially be simulating an Xbox 360, it’s unable to take account of peripherals added by way of a USB port.

TL;DR – your sad, lonely Kinect.

But following the removal of Kinect from Xbox One bundles – and not a sniff of a mention at yesterday’s conference – it sure feels as though Kinect’s days might be numbered. What do you think?

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Microsoft kills Kinect support in Xbox One’s backward-compatibility push  [PC World]

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