Harpoon-based action game Olija coming later this year to Switch and PC

Never trust your uncle who works at Nintendo

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In Olija you play as Farady, a man marooned in mysterious and dangerous land. Using an ancient harpoon that you can use to fling yourself across the level and pull yourself towards your enemies, you along with your fellow survivors will try to escape before you are lost forever.

When I first saw the game I got serious Sword and Sorcery EP vibes from it, then all the killing started and I knew I was in for quite a different experience. To get a feel for the game yourself, you can waltz on over to Steam to check out a demo which should hold you over until release.

While it was originally announced that the game is available now during the not-so-E3 Devolver press conference today, it seems that wasn’t the case. Olija is scheduled for release later this year on Switch and PC. This just goes to show that you can never trust your Uncle who works at Nintendo…

My Uncle Who Works at Nintendo

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