Harebrained Schemes is directly addressing some of Necropolis’ biggest problems

The first patch is out now

Have you played Necropolis yet? What do you think? You already know what I think. Well, you could if you read this review.

Done? Well you probably can recall the part where I talk about some of the shortcomings, most notably the overly esoteric (to the point where it feels pointless and unfun) codex system, which is supposed to encourage multiple playthroughs by granting additional abilities for characters beyond the confines of permadeath. Well, developer Harebrained Schemes is thankfully fixing that, starting with a patch that’s already been implemented.

Patch 1.02 not only makes codexes “more informative,” but it also fixes a few bugs. In the weeks to come, the game will get a series of free patches, ranging from other adjustments to extra free content. That includes better weapon descriptions, a revamped spawn system, new enemies, a new zone, more equipment, “better designed traps,” more ways to interact with the environment, and a new class called the Brute.

While I did like Necropolis, one of my other complaints was that it wasn’t varied enough, so more enemy types and the changes to the trap system sound like they’ll go a long way, as will the new class (something that was supposed to be paid DLC based on pre-release conversations). It’s not explicitly stated, but when the console editions arrive I bet they’ll have a lot of these changes as a baseline.

Update 1.02 [Steam]

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